We conduct criminal investigations for defense attorneys. This includes privately retained attorneys as well as State appointed and Federal appointed attorneys. We are approved to work on Capital Cases through the Capital Defenders Office. These investigations generally cover interviewing witnesses, reviewing and studying the crime scene and taking photos as well as video if necessary. On occasion during a crime scene search we have found items overlooked by the police search, which have included bullets that have gone through bodies and other important evidence.

We take the discovery information from the prosecutor and study it. This study may include doing diagrams using the police’s evidence to determine what really happened. Phone records are reviewed and cross-matched. Cell phone records are cross-matched with cell towers to provide locations of people when calls were made.

All of this is done to see if the prosecution has a valid case and to assist the defense attorney by determining what actually happened compared with what the client might say happened. All of this work amounts to a better representation of the client.